Masaaki Fukasawa, Japan

Masaaki Fukasawa is a Professor at Osaka University. He joined Center for the Study of Finance and Insurance (CSFI), Osaka University in 2007 as an Assistant Professor. He obtained Ph.D in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Tokyo in 2009, and was awarded the Takebe prize from the Mathematical Society of Japan in 2010. After half a year stay at ETH Zurich as an invited researcher, he joined Department of Mathematics, Osaka University in 2011 as an Associate Professor. Since 2016, he is a Professor in charge of Laboratory of Stochastic Analysis at Graduate School of Engineering Science, and taking part in Center for Mathematical Modeling and Data Science (MMDS) that took over the CSFI. He is a Managing Editor of Quantitative Finance and an Associate Editor of Finance and Stochastics, Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Asymptotic Analysis and SIAM Journal of Financial Mathematics.